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F1 Pole Position
United States
Published by: UBI Soft, 1993
Genre: Racing | Licensed
Formula 1 racing comes to the Super Nintendo. Choose from 22 real-world drivers and then try to win a Single Race, or battle your way to the world championship in the Grand Prix mode. If speed is your only goal, race the clock on an empty track in the Tim (more...)
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour
United States
Published by: UBI Soft, 1992
Genre: Tennis | Licensed
Endorsed by famous tennis player, Jimmy Connors, this game offers tournament and single play on multiple court types. Using crosshairs, aim your ball to the other side of the court and hope you hit where you want. If you are lucky, you might even score an (more...)
Street Racer
United States
Published by: UBI Soft, 1994
Genre: Racing | Licensed
Get behind the controls of a go-kart and destroy the competition in Street Racer. Eight characters with unique weapons and vehicles; 24 tracks; detailed 3D rendered graphics (more...)
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