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United States
Published by: Seika, 1991
Genre: Role Playing | Licensed
The prophecy has been fulfilled. The world shall be ruled by the dragons. On an island far away, their lords prepare for the conquest of the lands. There is only one hope for mankind. The emperor sends out four heroes -- warriors and magicians -- to solve (more...)
United States
Published by: Seika, 1991
Genre: Role Playing | Licensed
In the far off world of Lakeland, all was peaceful. This was until an evil being known as Zerah came and polluted all of the water, making people very sick. You play as Nasir, 'The Champion of Light', and are sent into the world to destroy the dem (more...)
United States
Published by: Seika, 1994
Genre: Beat 'Em Up | Licensed
Legend is a side-scrolling Beat' em Up set in a fantasy world. You have to rid the kingdom of Sellech of the king's evil son Clovius, who wants to conquer the kingdom by harnessing the power of the imprisoned soul of Beldor, who once ruled over Se (more...)
Super Aquatic Games Starring The Aquabats, The
United States
Published by: Seika, 1993
Genre: Sports, Other | Licensed | AKA: James Pond's Crazy Sports
The life of an Underwater Agent is filled with all kinds dangerous missions and nasty villains. Hey, even fish need something to help them relax occasionally. And that's why they invented THE SUPER AQUATIC GAMES as a way to blow off some steam and giv (more...)
Super Turrican
United States
Published by: Seika, 1993
Genre: Action | Licensed
Super Turrican is the next generation installment of the famous Turrican Series. Once again it is up to the U.S.S. Freedom Forces to get into their Turrican Assault Suits and drive back the forces of "The Machine". Similar to it's predecesso (more...)
Thunder Spirits
United States
Published by: Seika, 1992
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
There are 8 levels in Thunder Spirits, each consisting of the ship battling numerous enemies while side-scrolling, usually with a "mini-boss" about halfway through the level. Then, at the end of each level, a boss (consisting of one or two enemi (more...)
$gamename - Screenshot #1
$gamename - Screenshot #2
$gamename - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Seika, 1993
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
Troddlers is a puzzle game in the vein of Lemmings. You control an animal-like wizard who can create and remove blocks; these blocks are useful for both jumping onto and redirecting the path of the little troddlers that you have to direct towards the exit (more...)
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