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Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool
United States
Published by: Kaneko, 1992
Genre: Platform | Licensed
Chester leaves peacefully in a zoo with other animals, until the big brute Mean Eugene steals his beloved motor scooter. What's worse, without knowing how to handle the scooter, Mean Eugene broke it to pieces and threw them away. Now it's up to Ch (more...)
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest
United States
Published by: Kaneko, 1994
Genre: Platform | Licensed
Chester the cheetah lives in the Four Corners Zoo together with other animals. One day he decides to leave the zoo and to search for the legendary Hip City. Riding his trusty motor scooter, with a map in the paws, Chester encountered the nasty brute Mean (more...)
Power Moves
United States
Published by: Kaneko, 1993
Genre: Fighting | Licensed
You are Joe, a young American who has been secretly training to become a powerful fighter. One day, he meets an old martial artist who tells him he should travel all over the world to meet other teachers and to learn from them. During his travels, Joe enc (more...)
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