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Wing Commander: The Secret Missions
United States
Published by: Mindscape, 1993
Genre: Simulation | Licensed
You're the pilot of the space carrier Tiger's Claw, and you're currently knee-deep in a deadly battle with the Kilrathi Empire. As you cross into their space, you suddenly realize that you've got problems in the form of a weapon so powerfu (more...)
Wizard of Oz, The
United States
Published by: SETA, 1993
Genre: Adventure | Licensed
Go on a quest to find the wizard in THE WIZARD OF OZ. Take control of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin-Man, and The Cowardly Lion as they embark on 31 levels of action and excitement. The will have to explore everything from burning deserts to crystal hall (more...)
United States
Published by: Virgin Interactive, 1993
Genre: Action | Licensed
The evil organization CHIMERA wants to use a half-man, half-animal army to destroy the world. To meet this goal, they have kidnapped a genetic scientist. However, they didn't count on the scientist's son, Saul. In order to save his father, Saul wi (more...)
World Heroes
United States
Published by: Sunsoft, 1993
Genre: Fighting | Licensed
An alien entity known as Geegus threatens the Earth in the year 3091. As all of Earth's forces have been defeated, a scientist uses his recently-built time machine to find the greatest fighters of different eras to compete against Geegus. Featuring a (more...)
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World Soccer '94: Road to Glory
United States
Published by: Atlus Software, 1993
Genre: Soccer | Licensed | AKA: Striker, Eric Cantona Football Challenge
The first game in the long-running soccer series, which stood out from the crowd with a unique forced perspective 3D view rather than a simple overhead one. The players are drawn large and there is a large scanner to assist with long passing. However, the (more...)
WWF Royal Rumble
United States
Published by: LJN, 1993
Genre: Wrestling | Licensed
Control one of twelve World Wrestling Federation stars in a "no holds barred brawl" -- in other words, do whatever moves you want, from choke holds, piledrivers, and even chair slams, until your opponent is knocked out. You can even go outside t (more...)
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Yoshi's Cookie
United States
Published by: Bullet-Proof Software, 1993
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
Mario and Yoshi are baking cookies but they're about to fill the cookie jar. Now, the two must arrange the matching cookies horizontally or vertically to eliminate them from the jar. When all of the cookies are gone, you move on to the next level, whi (more...)
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Yoshi's Safari
United States
Published by: Nintendo, 1993
Genre: Super Scope | Licensed
In Yoshi's Safari, Bowser, King of the Koopas, and his evil offspring have invaded Jewelry Land. The Koopalings have seized the Kingdom's precious jewels. It's up to Mario, armed with his trusty Super Scope, to ride Yoshi to track down Bowser (more...)
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