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Bass Masters Classic
United States
Published by: Malibu Games, 1995
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
The player starts off choosing an angler. Then the player can either go to the bait shop, practice pond, or start in the tournament. In the bait shop, choices of baits, lines, rods, reels, fish finders, and boat engines are available for purchase. The pra (more...)
Family Dog
United States
Published by: Malibu Games, 1993
Genre: Platform | Licensed
In this innovative title based on the animated series of the same name, you see life through the eyes of an American family's dog. Your first task will be to escape the mischievous young son, who sees you as more of a target than a best friend. You (more...)
SeaQuest: DSV
United States
Published by: Malibu Games, 1995
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
The Earth's ecosystem needs a hero, and it looks like you're it. Set out to become the captain of a DSV submarine, and then take off on a quest to give the world a needed boost. There's a vicious enemy lurking about in the depths of the oceans (more...)
Sports Illustrated: Championship Football and Baseball
United States
Published by: Malibu Games, 1994
Genre: Sports, Other | Licensed
Sports game licensed by the leading sports magazine Sports Illustrated, released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy. The title features both football and baseball on one game cartridge. Choose to play a 16-game football season, complete (more...)
Total Carnage
United States
Published by: Malibu Games, 1993
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The war of 1999 left the country of Kookistan in shambles. Naturally, a dictator named General Akhboob took control of the beleagured nation and began creating an army of radioactive mutants. With a virtually impenetrable stronghold, a bunch of hostages, (more...)
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