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Super Baseball Simulator 1.000
United States
Published by: Culture Brain, 1991
Genre: Baseball | Licensed
A slight upgrade to the NES release that retains the fun factor of the original while adding a few select updates and additions. The graphics have been improved, but not substantially. The special hits and pitches have been tweaked with new ones added and (more...)
Super Ninja Boy
United States
Published by: Culture Brain, 1993
Genre: Role Playing | Licensed
At the conclusion of the Universal Peace Conference, the once-harmonious Chinaland was thrown into turmoil, and the Emperor was powerless to stop the unprovoked attacks that were wiping out his entire Kingdom. Thankfully, Jack and Ryu are here to save the (more...)
Ultimate Fighter
United States
Published by: Culture Brain, 1994
Genre: Fighting | Licensed
Furious, arena-style fighting is the name of the game in this crushing challenge. When Rick's training school is invaded by a bunch of no-good meanies, Rick and his crew decide to take matters into their own hands. Play as Rick or one of the other bra (more...)
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