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Cannondale Cup
United States
Published by: American Softworks, 1994
Genre: Racing | Licensed | AKA: Mountain Bike Rally
Pick your rider, choose you Cannondale Mountain Bike and you're off! Features eight Cannondale bikes to choose from; four awesome Circuit stages; eight unique riders; realistic bike physics; insane jumps and scary-fast races (more...)
Chavez II
United States
Published by: American Softworks, 1994
Genre: Boxing | Licensed | AKA: Boxing Legends of the Ring
A spanish-language-only release for the Mexican game market (partially because the American gamer was leaving the SNES for PlayStation at the time of the release while the Mexican market was still largely into the SNES) to capitalize on the fame and fortu (more...)
Skuljagger: Revolt of the Westicans
United States
Published by: American Softworks, 1992
Genre: Action | Licensed
A Westican rebel named Storm Jaxon is poised to lead a rebellion to free his imprisoned island nation from the clutches of the evil Captain Skuljagger. After stealing the Captain's sword, a deadly revolution is started against his vicious Kiltish Army (more...)
Snow White: Happily Ever After
United States
Published by: American Softworks, 1994
Genre: Platform | Licensed
It seems like poor Snow White is always the intended victim in some evil character's plot. And in SNOW WHITE IN HAPPILY EVER AFTER, that's the case once again. This time around, the witch's brother, Maliss, has his sights set on Snow White and (more...)
Super James Pond
United States
Published by: American Softworks, 1993
Genre: Platform | Licensed | AKA: Super James Pond II
His name is Pond, James Pond and he's just as suave and debonair as another super spy that goes by a similar name. Well, maybe not quite as suave and debonair, but pretty darn close considering he's a...well, whatever he is! In SUPER JAMES POND, D (more...)
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Super Troll Islands
United States
Published by: American Softworks, 1994
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The Evil Overlord has condemned the Troll Islands to constant darkness by using the powers of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air to block out all light. Now, it's up to you and four Magical Trolls to bring light back to the Troll Islands and vanquish the Ove (more...)
TNN Bass Tournament of Champions
United States
Published by: American Softworks, 1994
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
Get ready for the fight of your life with TNN BASS TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. You won't be using your fists here; just your intelligence and fishing skills, as you go in search of the biggest bass anyone has ever seen. Find your favorite fishing spot on (more...)
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