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Top Gear
United States
Published by: Kemco, 1992
Genre: Racing | Licensed
In the first of three released games for Super NES, players can choose among 4 different cars, each one with different attributes (maximum speed, fuel consumption, boost power and tire grip) to face 32 challenging courses situated in several places around (more...)
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Top Gear 2
United States
Published by: Kemco, 1993
Genre: Racing | Licensed
Buckle up, folks! This is going to be the fastest race you've ever embarked upon. You'll speed through an astounding 64 different cities in 16 detailed countries in your pursuit of victory. You'll reach speeds of up to 200 mph as you spin, fli (more...)
Top Gear 3000
United States
Published by: Kemco, 1995
Genre: Racing | Licensed
The TOP GEAR series has taken you to almost 100 cities, about a dozen countries, and every single continent on the planet. Now it's ready to take you 1000 years into the future, as you race to the center of the galaxy. Some crazy rich folks have chall (more...)
United States
Published by: Nintendo, 1994
Genre: Racing | Licensed | AKA: Unirally
It might seem an odd combination, but it describes Uniracers perfectly. One of the more successful releases of the Super Nintendo's twilight era, Uniracers mixes platform-based high-speed racing, with crazy stunts and tricks. The basic idea in most le (more...)
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