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Bass Masters Classic
United States
Published by: Malibu Games, 1995
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
The player starts off choosing an angler. Then the player can either go to the bait shop, practice pond, or start in the tournament. In the bait shop, choices of baits, lines, rods, reels, fish finders, and boat engines are available for purchase. The pra (more...)
Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition
United States
Published by: Black Pearl Software, 1996
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
Updates involve adding 6 pro fishermen, five different lakes instead of four, an expanded lineup of different fishing equipment, 2 difficulty level settings, a zoom function, larger lakes, and new music tracks. (more...)
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Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker
United States
Published by: Hot B, 1994
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
Bassin's Black Bass is a fishing game endorsed by the professional fishing champion Hank Parker. It is another entry in Hot-B's long line of fishing games. Players aim to become a professional fisherman and can travel by themselves or along with H (more...)
Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament USA
United States
Published by: American Sammy, 1995
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
If you've ever wanted to hit the lake and go bass fishing with Jimmy Houston, now's your chance with JIMMY HOUSTON'S BASS TOURNAMENT U.S.A. Join the 14-time National Tournament Champion for some of the most intense angling action you've ev (more...)
Mark Davis': The Fishing Master
United States
Published by: Natsume, 1996
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
Mark Davis' The Fishing Master revolves around fishing in a lake in a rural area. The game featured Mark Davis' voice. Only catching black bass is allowed. All other kinds of fish are prohibited and do not count towards your total score. The game (more...)
Super Black Bass
United States
Published by: Hot B, 1993
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
Super Black Bass is a bass fishing game where players can compete in four different lake tournaments. Player can fish in: Skywater Lake (Local Amateur), Clear Lake (Amateur), Murphy Lake (Pro) and Bluestone Lake (Super Bass), the goal of which is to catch (more...)
TNN Bass Tournament of Champions
United States
Published by: American Softworks, 1994
Genre: Fishing | Licensed
Get ready for the fight of your life with TNN BASS TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. You won't be using your fists here; just your intelligence and fishing skills, as you go in search of the biggest bass anyone has ever seen. Find your favorite fishing spot on (more...)
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