George Jetson was about to run out to work when his pal Captain Zoom appears out of thin air. Zoom tells him that an evil villian named Zora is planning on looting this solar system of all its resources! Unfortunately, in his last encounter with Zora, Zoom has used up all his strength and now he is powerless so he asks George to take over. He gives George his Pneumo Osmatic Precipitator (or P.O.P.) and wishes him good luck. Can George save his family and this galaxy? Guide George through 9 stages of intergalactic action armed with only his vacuum. The P.O.P. can be used to grab onto walls and ceilings, and enables George to climb up and across platforms. The P.O.P. can also be used to suck up blocks or enemies and spit them out at other enemies or against the wall to defeat them. George's condition is indicated by the number of hearts he has at the top of the screen. By collecting more hearts, it will refill George's health. Food items will increase your score and by getting a high enough score in each stage, you may get to play a bonus game.