If you consider yourself a hockey fan, then you know who Gordie Howe is. If you aren't a fan, let's just say that he is arguably the greatest hockey player in the history of the game. While you won't find him in SUPER SLAP SHOT (he's over 70-years-old), you will see his endorsement on the box. In other words, this is one spectacular hockey simulation if the greatest hockey player ever has put his name on it. You can play as any of 32 teams in a host of gameplay modes. You'll see everything in SUPER SLAP SHOT that you'd see in the NHL, from deceptive drop passes to devastating body checks to ferocious fights. All kinds of stats are available so you can chart your teams progress in fact, between periods of each game, you'll find 14 pages of updated stats to peruse. So lace up your skates and get ready for SUPER SLAP SHOT; if it's good enough for Gordie Howe, it's good enough for anyone!