Super Mario Kart is the first video game in the Mario Kart series. Players race go-karts as one of eight characters from the Super Mario series. It features advanced graphics for the time thanks to its use of Mode 7 texture mapping. Super Mario Kart is the third best-selling game on the SNES, with eight million copies sold. Super Mario Kart can be played by one or two players. All gameplay uses a horizontal split screen view. In single player mode, the top displays the course, while the bottom screen can either display a rear-view mirror perspective, or an overhead view of the whole track, displaying where all the racers are currently. There are two single-player modes. In Grand Prix, one player races seven computer-controlled drivers. In Time Trial, the player races through one track in an attempt to set a record for best lap time or course time. There also are three multiplayer modes. Grand Prix, Match Race (a one-on-one race on any track) and Battle Mode. In Battle Mode, two players choose from four levels specially designed for battle mode and try to pop the three balloons surrounding the other player with items such as Koopa shells or banana peels to win.