Super Earth Defense Force's distinguishing gameplay feature is its weapon system, of which there are 8 weapons to choose from, 5 levels of power for any one weapon, and 4 methods of implementation during gameplay. Each weapon is graded on the weapon selection screen in three categories: "Power", "Speed" (muzzle velocity) and "Rapid" (cooldown). Each parameter is given a grade on an ABC scale, with A being the best and C the worst. A weapon may be chosen at the beginning of any level. As the player accumulates points, new levels of weapon power are reached, up to the maximum level of 5. Weapons generally adhere to their original theme while typically gaining extra damage and area of effect through weapon levels. Weapon level is a fixed variable based on player scoring, so all weapons share the same master weapon level. The default armament of the player's ship is a small vulcan cannon that cannot be upgraded or changed; the main weapon chosen by the player is entirely separate and implemented differently, specifically through two satellites that follow the player's ship around the screen. These satellites have 4 different modes that determine the power and attack pattern of each weapon, and are responsible for physically firing the main weapon. Aside from offense, the satellites are completely immune to all damage and can thus be used defensively to shield the player's ship.