While Master Higgins and Tina are enjoying some time alone on a treetop, an evil sorcerer named Dark Cloak suddenly turns Tina into stone. The player's job is to guide Higgins through five worlds with three levels each as he finds a way to confront this being and cure his significant other. At the end of each world is a boss. While the game features improved graphics and music from the NES games, it also removes the ability to ride dinosaurs and has significantly fewer weapons than Adventure Island II and Adventure Island 3. However, a new ability with weapons is that if you collect a certain number of weapon icons, your weapon will become more powerful and will resemble a cluster of fireballs. The soundtrack is well known for including lots of island funk beats, calypso-like tracks, and even some forms of hip-hop, but also being one of the earlier Super NES games to really take advantage of the Sony SPC700 sound chip.