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Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness
United States
Published by: Koei, 1994
Genre: Strategy | Licensed
Lord of Darkness, known in Japan as Bushō Fūun Roku, is the fourth game in the Nobunaga series (but only the third one to have been localized in English). The story of Nobunaga takes place during the Japanese civil war of the 16th century. In a (more...)
Nolan Ryan's Baseball
United States
Published by: Romstar, 1992
Genre: Baseball | Licensed
Play some ball with one of the games greatest legends in NOLAN RYAN'S BASEBALL. Choose a team, players, positions, and lineup. Once that is done, you can adjust your teams batting, throwing, running, pitching, and stamina levels. If you have gaps in t (more...)
United States
Published by: SETA, 1995
Genre: Action | Licensed
Nosferatu, a feared vampire; no one have ever seen him and survived to tell. At night, he awakens to suck blood from his poor victims. The evil has to be stopped! A young man rides to the dungeon to kill Nosferatu and rescue his loved one. If you have pla (more...)
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