Joe & Mac stars the green-haired Joe and the blue-haired Mac, cavemen who battle though numerous prehistoric levels using crude, stone weapons such as boomerangs, bones and clubs. The objective of the game is simply rescuing a group of girls who were kidnapped by a rival gang of cavemen. The original arcade version had the distinction of allowing the player to select between different routes (not unlike Taito's Darius) at the end of a boss battle. Also, after defeating the final boss, the players can choose between three exits, which each one enables a slightly different ending. The Super NES port features an overworld map in order to choose the levels (unlike other versions all of them have to be played), which were longer, plus some bonus stages (either in the levels or out in the world map). Some of the weapons are different with the addition of fire and wheel attacks. The final boss is also different and there is only one ending.