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Jurassic Park
United States
Published by: Ocean, 1993
Genre: Adventure | Licensed
The player controls Alan Grant, and the objective of the game is to complete certain tasks in order to escape Jurassic Park. Such as clearing a raptor nest of eggs, and turning the generator on in a utility shed allowing for opening and closing of gates a (more...)
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Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues
United States
Published by: Ocean, 1994
Genre: Action | Licensed
One year after the events of the Jurassic Park movie, John Hammand wants to bring Jurassic Park back online. He has sent a team of heavy armed experts down to the park to "clean everything up" so to speak. Now, Biosyn Corp (the company that trie (more...)
$gamename - Screenshot #1
$gamename - Screenshot #2
$gamename - Screenshot #3
Justice League Task Force
United States
Published by: Acclaim, 1995
Genre: Fighting | Licensed
The comic-book superhero team of the Justice League consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Green Arrow. They must defeat the evil Darkseid and his henchmen, Despero and Cheetah. But before they can reach Darkseid, the members (more...)
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