If you thought the WWF was tough, wait until you step into the ring of HAMMERLOCK WRESTLING and get a taste of what's cooking. This is hardcore, in-your-face grappling like nothing you've ever seen and you're right in the middle of all the action. The game is played from a unique perspective. You'll see the action from two ringside screens one close-up and one at a distance. When you or your opponent make a move, the close-up view doubles in size and you see the result of the move closer than you've ever been to the action! You can select from 12 wrestlers and more than 60 bone-crushing moves, and you can even stage a tag team match with up to three friends at one time. The three gameplay modes Tournament, Tag Team, and Exhibition keep the action intense and the fun intact. So, put a sleeper hold on HAMMERLOCK WRESTLING, and get ready for wrestling like you've never experienced it before.