F-Zero is a futuristic racing game where pilots race on circuits inside plasma-powered hovercars in an intergalactic Grand Prix at speeds that can exceed 400 km/h. The objective of the game is to beat opponents to the finish line while avoiding hazards such as land mines, slip zones and magnets that pull the vehicle to certain sides of the track in an effort to make the player damage their vehicle or fall completely off the track. A race in F-Zero consists of five laps around the track. The player must complete each lap at least the position that the game requests without staying at the last place, which otherwise means disqualification. For each lap completed the player is rewarded with an approximate four second speed boost and a varying number of points determined by place. One of the "SSS" marks will be shaded green to indicate that the boost can be used. If a certain amount of points are accumulated, an extra "spare machine" is acquired. F-Zero includes two different modes of play. In the Grand Prix mode, the player chooses a league and races against twenty generic vehicles of different colors through each track in that league. The Practice mode allows the player to practice seven of the courses from the Grand Prix mode.