Though the games were platform games similar to Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, the titular anthropomorphic bobcat never came close to the popularity level of the two bigger name mascots, despite early hype that made Bubsy out as "the next Sonic the Hedgehog". Bubsy does have some ambitious features that mean that it may not deserve the 'also ran' status that some regard it as having. For instance, the levels are impressively large and varied in theme, the graphics are bright and colorful and there is some catchy music in the game. There is also a sense of humor to the level names. Control of the character is sometimes relatively jerky, though, making Sonic-style steaming through the stages a more difficult task, a matter worsened by the fact that Bubsy doesn't have any fallback, unlike Sonic's rings, with which to avoid losing a life. Nevertheless, the first Bubsy was a big hit, met with positive reviews for the SNES version. The success of the first game spawned a series of Bubsy games, none of which could reproduce the success and acclaim of the first game.