Remeer's father, the last of the dragon warriors, was sent on a quest to find the last of the dragons terrorizing the village. His father never returned. Years later Remeer sets out on his own journey to find out what happened to his father. Remeer is joined by his four friends: Kashian (a bounty hunter), Barness (a spiritual guru), Rein (a warrior), and Ferris (a witch). Each help him as he makes his way through the five dungeons in the land. Most of the game takes place in dungeons, with a heavy emphasis on puzzles. In the game you play as a single protagonist who can have up to two sprites, small characters that perform certain tasks such as healing, or long range attacks, following you at one time. There are five dungeons in the game; The Tower of Light, Ancient Ruins, the Ice Castle, Droog Volcano, and Platinum, the final dungeon. You start out in the town of Arcs and there is only one other town, Toronto. In Toronto there is a battle arena which you can fight in for money as well as bet on other competitors. The game has a few different types of weapons, including bows, boomerangs, swords, axes, and flails. A major aspect of the game that sets it apart RPGs such as Final Fantasy is the fact that the main character could not gain experience and level up. Defeating enemies would result in gold, not experience points. The protagonist also acquired better armor and weapons to increase his defensive and offensive capabilities, similar to the Legend of Zelda series. The sprites that accompanied the protagonist, however, could level up by picking up blue 'XP' orbs that were dropped randomly by defeated enemies.