This side-scrolling beat em' up game is based on a 1992 Paramount Pictures animated movie which was the first ever to feature an all-Black main cast. The characters were originally from comedian Robin Harris' "Bebe's Kids" (pronounced Bay-Bay) stand-up comedy act. They're described as little hellions and bad-ass troublemaker kids. In this game, someone has taken control of the Fun World amusement park, and you've got to help Kahlil, LaShawn, and PeeWee make things right. You can play as either Kahlil or LaShawn and can use each character's different special attacks. Kahlil uses a spin-tuck to take out almost any enemy you meet and LaShawn uses powerful cartwheels. Enemies such as animatronic robots and security guards must be taken out in the first time-limited level. Some items can also be picked up and thrown at enemies. The second level has the baby PeeWee in a china shop knocking glasses off shelves and you must break 10 before they hit you or the ground or are grabbed by your caretaker Robin. There is also a haunted house maze level where you must keep trying different doors until you find the exit while avoiding mummies along the way. Then there's a pirate ship beat em' up level and eventually you make your way to the underground control center and the Big Boss.