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Choplifter III
United States
Published by: Extreme, 1994
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
Choplifter III for the SNES features entirely different levels from the Game Gear and GameBoy versions, and plays slightly different than other Choplifter games. While the controls and basic gameplay haven't changed significantly, and the main goal of (more...)
Riddick Bowe Boxing
United States
Published by: Extreme, 1994
Genre: Boxing | Licensed | AKA: Chavez
Riddick Bowe is considered one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, and now you can see if you've got what it takes to take him down in RIDDICK BOWE BOXING for the Super Nintendo. You can create your own fighter deciding on every possible attribu (more...)
Super Solitaire
United States
Published by: Extreme, 1994
Genre: Cards/Casino | Licensed
Whether you're a loner or you just enjoy a good card game, SUPER SOLITAIRE is exactly what you need. While the game of solitaire is easy to learn, it's hard to win, and even more difficult to master. There are 12 variations of this classic card ga (more...)
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