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Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage
United States
Published by: Sunsoft, 1994
Genre: Platform
A fiendish animator has gone crazy and has started painting Bugs Bunny into all sorts of messes across reused cartoon landscapes. Bugs is getting into trouble from all kinds of characters including Elmer Fudd, Marvin the Martian, Crusher the wrestler, Yosamite Sam, the three little pigs. Bugs will need (more...)
Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool
United States
Published by: Kaneko, 1992
Genre: Platform
Chester leaves peacefully in a zoo with other animals, until the big brute Mean Eugene steals his beloved motor scooter. What's worse, without knowing how to handle the scooter, Mean Eugene broke it to pieces and threw them away. Now it's up to Cheetah to travel across the zoo and to retrieve parts of (more...)
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest
United States
Published by: Kaneko, 1994
Genre: Platform
Chester the cheetah lives in the Four Corners Zoo together with other animals. One day he decides to leave the zoo and to search for the legendary Hip City. Riding his trusty motor scooter, with a map in the paws, Chester encountered the nasty brute Mean Eugene. True to his habit of stealing and destroying (more...)
Chuck Rock
United States
Published by: Sony Imagesoft, 1992
Genre: Platform
Chuck Rock is your typical average cave man. He likes to spend his Sunday afternoons watching football and drinking beer. Unfortunately, his peaceful existence is interrupted one day when his wife, Ophelia Rock, is kidnapped by the village wierdo, Gary Gritter. So, Chuck is rather upset about this whole (more...)
Chuck Rock - Screenshot #1
Chuck Rock - Screenshot #2
Chuck Rock - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Interplay, 1994
Genre: Platform
From the creators of Clay Fighter comes a game about a shape-shifting ball of clay. You play as a boy named Clayton, whose father has developed a serum to turn humans into animals. However, an evil shaman desires this serum, and when he is denied ownership of it, he kidnaps Clayton's father and turns (more...)
Claymates - Screenshot #1
Claymates - Screenshot #2
Claymates - Screenshot #3
Congo's Caper
United States
Published by: Data East, 1993
Genre: Platform
Congo and Congette were a pair of monkeys happily living in the jungle. One day a magic ruby fell out of the sky and turned both Congo and Congette into half-humans. The ruby also brought forth a demon-kid who prompty kidnaps Congette. It will be up to the newly evolved Congo to travel across the jungles (more...)
Cool Spot
United States
Published by: Virgin Interactive, 1993
Genre: Platform
The adorable 7Up mascot has found his way onto the SNES as the star of his own game, COOL SPOT. After seeing all of his friends get kidnapped, the last remaining Spot sets out on an adventure of rescue and redemption through 10 levels of platforming excitement. As you venture through beaches, toy stores, (more...)
Cool Spot - Screenshot #1
Cool Spot - Screenshot #2
Cool Spot - Screenshot #3
Demon's Crest
United States
Published by: Capcom, 1994
Genre: Platform | Editor's Pick
The Red Arremer demon Firebrand is on a quest to collect all of the elemental Crests, magical stones which preside over their respective elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Time, and Heaven). It is said that when all crests are combined, the Crest of Infinity will appear, allowing its holder infinite (more...)
Demon's Crest - Screenshot #1
Demon's Crest - Screenshot #2
Demon's Crest - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Irem, 1992
Genre: Platform
While messing around in your father's laboratory, you and a friend are suddenly sent back in time all the way back to the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! Lucky for you, dinosaurs are fond of time travelers like yourselves, and they're willing to help you get back to the future. The only problem (more...)
Dinocity - Screenshot #1
Dinocity - Screenshot #2
Dinocity - Screenshot #3
Disney's Aladdin
United States
Published by: Capcom, 1993
Genre: Platform
The player controls Aladdin, who must make his way through several levels based on locations from the movie: from the streets and rooftops of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders and the Sultan's dungeon to the final confrontation in Grand Vizier Jafar's palace. The Sultan's guards and also animals of the desert (more...)
Disney's Aladdin - Screenshot #1
Disney's Aladdin - Screenshot #2
Disney's Aladdin - Screenshot #3
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