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Art of Fighting
United States
Published by: Takara, 1993
Genre: Fighting
Yuri Sakazaki has been kidnapped! Her big brother Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, his best friend, go search for her on the streets of South Town. As they go deeper and deeper they will find clues as to who ordered the kidnapping, the Sakazaki family's relation to the mob, and a person from their past. (more...)
Art of Fighting - Screenshot #1
Art of Fighting - Screenshot #2
Art of Fighting - Screenshot #3
Ballz 3-D
United States
Published by: Accolade, 1994
Genre: Fighting
Ballz is a fighting game, but what makes it uniqe is the fact that your player is made out of balls. The game has a detailed 3D engine with a fixed camera. The game plays like your normal beat 'em up game. This game supports 2 players, 3 difficulties and up to 21 matches. (more...)
Ballz 3-D - Screenshot #1
Ballz 3-D - Screenshot #2
Ballz 3-D - Screenshot #3
Battle Blaze
United States
Published by: American Sammy, 1993
Genre: Fighting
In the land of Virg, it is custom to select the King at the Tournament of Champions. Aspiring to rule the human world, a zealous demon from the Netherworld sends out five phantoms to posses each contender, so that the last survivor will be able to murder the king. However, one of the contenders, Durill (more...)
Battle Blaze - Screenshot #1
Battle Blaze - Screenshot #2
Battle Blaze - Screenshot #3
Best of the Best: Championship Karate
United States
Published by: Electro Brain, 1992
Genre: Fighting
All your life you have dreamed of being the very best, the elite. You have studied karate since you were old enough to walk, learning not only the physical aspects of the sport but the spiritual ones as well. After a lifetime of training and dedication, you find yourself ranked 16th in the world. Can (more...)
Brutal: Paws of Fury
United States
Published by: Cybersoft, 1994
Genre: Fighting
Across the world, invitations were delivered. Under the watchful eye of the great master Dali Llama, the world's greatest martial artists return to a place they knew well ... Brutal Island. Each will use their martial arts style and training in a tournament to prove the world's one true champion. Brutal: (more...)
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Screenshot #1
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Screenshot #2
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Screenshot #3
C2: Judgment Clay
United States
Published by: Interplay, 1995
Genre: Fighting
Clay Fighter 2, just like its predecessor, is a Street Fighter-like fighting game for 1 or 2 players. The characters were made out of clay and then rendered, which provides the game some individuality in the enormous mass of Super NES fighting games. (more...)
C2: Judgment Clay - Screenshot #1
C2: Judgment Clay - Screenshot #2
C2: Judgment Clay - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Interplay, 1993
Genre: Fighting
Clay Fighter is a 2D fighting game released in which the characters, as the name suggests, are made completely out of clay. This allows for interesting moves and stylized graphics. The zany roster includes: Bad Mr. Frosty, a snowman; Taffy, a piece of stretchable candy; Blob, a character who can morph (more...)
ClayFighter - Screenshot #1
ClayFighter - Screenshot #2
ClayFighter - Screenshot #3
Clay Fighter: Tournament Edition
United States
Published by: Interplay, 1994
Genre: Fighting
The clay combatants are back again in a bigger and better version called CLAYFIGHTER: Tournament Edition. The gameplay is faster, the graphics are brighter, and the action is more intense than ever thanks to the whopping 24 Megs on this cart. Use three and four hit combos to send your opponents reeling (more...)
Doomsday Warrior
United States
Published by: Renovation, 1993
Genre: Fighting
The Doom Squad is a group of fighters under the control of an evil wizard. They threaten earth and bring destruction. One of the Doom Squad members betrays his group and becomes the Doomsday Warrior. This warrior must then defeat the other members of the Squad and finally the wizard controlling it all. (more...)
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls
United States
Published by: Tradewest, 1994
Genre: Fighting
The game follows the typical 8-way directional pad/stick with 6-button layout common to most fighting games (including Street Fighter II) at the time comprising of weak, medium and strong punches and kicks. The Genesis version supports the standard 3-button controller (making use of the start button (more...)
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