There are various types of targets in the game, including air, land and water targets. Land targets include nuclear power plants. After these are destroyed, the player may suffer from radiation sickness. The player will eventually need to use one of his/her limited sorties to have it healed; neglecting to do so will have fatal results. Weapons in the game include guns, missiles, electronic jammers, and bombs. Each mission on every war theatre consists of both mandatory and optional targets[4]. Shooting the optional targets results in the accumulation of a higher score which can double as a respect meter for bragging rights. Furthermore, destroying airfields, although not necessarily required to complete a mission, would stop opposing fighters taking-off to take the player down. Although the game cannot be saved through a video game battery, there are a number of passwords the player can use to resume his/her mission at the appropriate place. The game was released in North America, Europe, and Japan approximately simultaneously. All three versions of this game use the English language for both text and speech and offer identical game play to each other.