An addictive 3D shooter in which you drove a little red car (er, tank) and blasted away enemies. The gameplay is similar to Battlezone, and obviously inspired by it. You had a selection of three tanks, each with three values (speed; armor; and firepower) balanced out to match its name: Tough Guy was heavy on armor, but slow and not very powerful; Speedy was fast, but low armor; and Balanced was, well, balanced. A fourth tank allowed you to customize your own variant. Every level consisted of a large plane filled with enemy tanks, several psychedelic walls with odd images that would often flicker or warp in a way you'd think you were on an acid trip, and tacky 3D models like windmills. The object of each level was to either destroy all the enemy tanks in the level, or to collect all the flags. Every level had some sort of theme to it, anything from plain green to a colorful blinking eye or images of sand dunes would be found on the walls, windmills and flags throughout the level.