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Blues Brothers, The
Once again, you must make a choice of your favourite Blues Brother, and take him through each level. Collecting records and using them to defend yourself by throwing them, you must fend off the enemies whilst gathering power-ups until you find the jukebox to progress to the next level. (more...)
Looney Tunes B-Ball
Your favorite Looney Tunes characters have come to play a little basketball in LOONEY TUNES B-BALL. Choose your favorite characters, and challenge the computer or your friends to a game. You can play a single a game or enter a single-elimination tournament. Set the Wacky Meter for the type of silliness (more...)
You are humanity's last hope. Battle your way across the wasteland in combat driving and hand-to-hand sequences. When you are behind the wheel, you have four different views: front, rear, right, and left. Whether you're driving or on foot, keep an eye out for vital supplies like water, food, and gas. (more...)
Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numbers
Help your child develop basic numerical skills with MARIO'S FUN WITH NUMBERS. Children can explore a number of worlds including Shape, Number, Same and Different, Counting, Comparing, How Many, and Pattern. Point to specific objects, and Mario will illustrate the math concept. Parents can also join the (more...)
Compond X's powerful bio-computer has begun to malfunction and "X-Tra", aka the external threat recognition assault system, is firing on anything that moves. In fact, the computer has accessed the nation's nuclear weapon countdown systems for a retaliatory strike. Since nuclear war might X-tinguish (more...)
Metal Warriors
Get deployed in your own giant mech and battle through nine linear levels against the evil Dark Axis forces. Eject and switch robots, piloting one of the six "Battledroid" suits; but watch out because there are no save games and no continue codes. For the best of Metal Warriors, grab a friend (more...)
Firepower 2000
A secret "underground race" on an island in the mid-Atlantic ocean has stolen top military vehicles and equipment from around the world and have rebuilt powerful war machines from them. They are even piloted by robots with one mission: to destroy. Military and intelligence officials of major (more...)
Emmitt Smith Football
Now you can have one the NFL's greatest running backs in your own home with EMMIT SMITH FOOTBALL for the Super Nintendo. Thanks to the exclusive Play Editor, you can create your very own offensive and defensive plays, resulting in a completely customized game of football. With the save feature, you'll (more...)
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
Regardless of the character chosen, Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is a top-down sailing simulation. At sea, players control the direction of their ship, where speed is affected by the number/health of the crew, the wind and the currents. Players can navigate anywhere there is water (though some ships (more...)
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