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Phantom 2040
While the back story Phantom 2040 is the exact same as the back story of the television series, the video game doesn't specifically enact any of the series' episodes but instead borrows elements from various episodes and sets out a start-to-finish, almost movie-like story of the Phantom's mission to (more...)
Alien 3 is video game based on the movie sequel of the same name. The plot of the movie picks up directly after the end of Aliens. Ellen Ripley, the main character of the Alien series, is in cryo-sleep aboard the space ship Sulaco. Unfortunately, an alien or two has stowed away on the Sulaco, and wreaked (more...)
Mega Man Soccer
Dr. Wily, angered at being foiled once again decides to send his robots to the soccer field. Dr. Light immediately responds by forming a soccer team of Mega Mans to counter Dr. Wily's latest scheme. Mega Man Soccer is an overhead view soccer game featuring characters from the Mega Man series. Players (more...)
You play a god, gaming against other gods in a celestial game of conquest. To win, you must help your chosen people take over the world and wipe out the vermin who worship that other god. Each god starts out with a single human, dumped into the middle of the wilderness. Sometimes there is inhabitable (more...)
Brawl Brothers
Polish your brass knuckles and get ready to rumble in BRAWL BROTHERS. You'll hit the streets with your partner as you prepare to fight some of the nastiest, most brutal brawlers you've ever seen. Go up against thugs, martial arts experts, gunmen, and knife-wielding roughnecks who will stop at nothing (more...)
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions
You're the pilot of the space carrier Tiger's Claw, and you're currently knee-deep in a deadly battle with the Kilrathi Empire. As you cross into their space, you suddenly realize that you've got problems in the form of a weapon so powerful, it could annihilate an entire planet. In WING COMMANDER: The (more...)
Cool Spot
The adorable 7Up mascot has found his way onto the SNES as the star of his own game, COOL SPOT. After seeing all of his friends get kidnapped, the last remaining Spot sets out on an adventure of rescue and redemption through 10 levels of platforming excitement. As you venture through beaches, toy stores, (more...)
Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament USA
If you've ever wanted to hit the lake and go bass fishing with Jimmy Houston, now's your chance with JIMMY HOUSTON'S BASS TOURNAMENT U.S.A. Join the 14-time National Tournament Champion for some of the most intense angling action you've ever seen all from the comfort of your own home! Cast a line in (more...)
RPM Racing
RPM Racing was preceded by Rareware's R.C. Pro-Am in 1988 and Electronic Art's Racing Destruction Set in 1985, with the latter being the larger influence. It is a precursor to Rock 'n Roll Racing, which was done by the same developer. Combat, obstacles, and traction on the non-flat tracks play a significant (more...)
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