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Wild Guns
United States
Published by: Natsume, 1995
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
After the kid gang abducted and killed her family, Annie searched for the renowned bounty hunter Clint. Now, Annie and Clint have to teamed-up to rescue the remaining members of Annie's family and get even with the villains. They will have to fight th (more...)
Super Adventure Island
Hudson Soft, 1992 - Platform - Licensed
While Master Higgins and Tina are enjoying some time alone on a treetop, an evil sorcerer named Dark Cloak suddenly turns Tina into stone. The player's job is to guide Higgins through five worlds with three levels each as he finds a way to confront th (more...)
Mega Man X
Capcom, 1994 - Action - Licensed
With the free will given to a Reploid came the possibility of criminal activity previously unknown to robots; such rogue Reploids were said to have "gone maverick" and were later referred to as Mavericks (in Japan, Irregulars). As the public out (more...)
Extra Innings
Step up to the plate and swing for the fence with EXTRA INNINGS for the Super Nintendo. This game has it all from diving catches to base stealing to throwing runners out at the plate. There are 12 unique teams to choose from and you have control over ever (more...)
Nintendo, 1995 - Role Playing - Licensed
Taking place in a modern day world, players assume the role of a young boy named Ness who awakens to discover a meteor has plummeted to the earth near his home. Upon investigating the meteor, Ness encounters an insect named Buzz Buzz who cla (more...)
Tetris 2
Nintendo, 1994 - Puzzle - Licensed
Uses disconnected colored tetriminoes instead of adjacent type tetrominoes. It is the first Tetris to make use of the gravity algorithm. Blocks of the same color stick together. The goal of Tetris 2 is to clear the bottom rows, which a similar type of pla (more...)
Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
Accolade, 1993 - Platform - Licensed
Though the games were platform games similar to Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, the titular anthropomorphic bobcat never came close to the popularity level of the two bigger name mascots, despite early hype that made Bubsy out as "the next (more...)
The player controls a triangle in the center of the screen. Every moment, a piece comes in from one side and pushes other pieces forward. Two consecutive pieces will never come in from the same quadrant. If a piece falls into the center square, the game i (more...)
Super Bomberman
Hudson Soft, 1993 - Arcade - Licensed
Super Bomberman is the first Bomberman game on the Super NES. Like most games in the Bomberman series, Super Bomberman features a normal game as well as the famous battle mode. In the normal game, Mr. Karat and Dr. Mukk have been terrorizing Diamond City. (more...)
Asmik, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Xardion is an action platform game where the player controls different robots with different skills in order to defeat the enemy and reach goals. The Alpha 1 Solar System, threatened by invaders from the artificial world NGC-1611, has gathered together th (more...)
Sunset Riders
Konami, 1993 - Arcade - Licensed
Set in a fanciful version of the American Old West, Sunset Riders revolves around four bounty hunters who are out to claim rewards given for eliminating the most wanted outlaws in the West. There is no true "storyline" aside from collecting prog (more...)
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