Super Bases Loaded 2
United States
Published by: Jaleco, 1994
Genre: Baseball | Licensed
Unlike its predecessor, Super Bases Loaded, this game is extremely easy to play. Due to the rather chilly reception of the original "Super Bases Loaded" rather arcane difficulty level, Jalelco consciously made this game easier for hopes of a bet (more...)
Super Metroid
Nintendo, 1994 - Adventure - Licensed
Super Metroid takes place mainly on Planet Zebes (the same planet seen in the original Metroid; a section near the beginning of the game is taken almost directly from the original game). It is a large, open-ended world with many different areas connected (more...)
Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension
Gametek, 1994 - Platform - Licensed
Zool is a British computer game originally produced for the Amiga by Gremlin Graphics as a rival to Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. Zool is "a ninja from the nth dimension" who is forced to land on Earth. In order to gain ninja ranking he has to (more...)
MLBPA Baseball
EA Sports, 1994 - Baseball - Licensed
The strategy of baseball is merged with a fast-paced arcade game in MLBPA Baseball from Electronic Arts. Details designed to appeal to the die-hard fan include: real players with statistics based on the 1993 season; a full 162 game season mode; stadium mu (more...)
Mega Man 7
Capcom, 1995 - Action - Licensed
In the year 20XX, thanks to the efforts of Mega Man and his friends, Dr. Wily was finally brought to justice after several years of battles, much to the delight of the world. The people breathed a long sigh of relief as the jail cell door on Wily's ce (more...)
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Capcom, 1992 - Fighting - Licensed
Street Fighter II is widely acknowledged as the premier fighting game of its era, due to its game balance with regard to the timing of attacks and blocks, which was unparalleled at the time; and due to "special moves" in which experienced player (more...)
Batman Returns
Konami, 1993 - Beat 'Em Up - Licensed
The successful movie sequel Batman Returns spawned many different game adaptations. The SNES version presents the story of Batman's encounter with the Penguin and Catwoman as a side-scrolling beat'em'up, with one Batmobile driving sequence thr (more...)
Super Alfred Chicken
Mindscape, 1994 - Platform - Licensed
The player takes the role of a chicken named Alfred who must find his way through bizarre levels full of balloons, telephones, cheese and other strange elements. While he is on the ground, Alfred can walk, jump, and peck balloons and ground switches. Whil (more...)
Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures
JVC, 1994 - Action - Licensed
Relive some of the best moments from the movies in Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures. Help Indy run, jump, and whip his way through 28 levels based on the three films. He will have to face hundreds of familiar foes including killer monkeys, blowgun t (more...)
Final Fight Guy
Capcom, 1994 - Beat 'Em Up - Licensed
Final Fight Guy is a side scrolling fighter game in the likes Double Dragon. You can choose between Guy and Haggar. Guy and Haggar are determined to rid Metro City of MAD GEAR, the local street gang. You can also pick up and use various melee weapons that (more...)
Tradewest, 1993 - Platform - Licensed
At one day, Plok awakes to find out that his flag has been stolen. He spots it on a neighboring island and travels there to get it back. However, as he returns to his home, he realizes that all flags on his island have been replaced with flea-flags. This (more...)
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