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A king and his daughter's kingdom is under heavy attack. The king does his best to save his daughter, but fails. An airship somehow beams her up into the ship and then flies away, leaving the old king to his doom. Only one guy can save her and that guy is... Sparkster! Sparkster is an opossum creature (more...)
You're Glendaal, and you've got a serious problem on your hands. Your hometown, Galedonia, has been pillaged and plundered by a horde of evil forces; and the citizens have been turned into deadly zombies and demons. The only way to save the town is to find your father, Shadax the Wizard, who is the only (more...)
King of Dragons
Darkness has fallen over the kingdom of Malus. Gildiss rises from his slumber and is looking to take his place as the KING OF DRAGONS. As the armies of Malus lie in defeat, you are part of a new band of adventurers that have come to challenge Gildiss. Choose to be one of five different classes including (more...)
Aero the Acro-bat
Inspired in part by the "mascots with attitude" trend that was common following the introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog, it featured a red bat named Aero, who works and lives in a circus. He must defend the circus from an evil ex-clown called Edgar Ektor, who used to work in the same circus (more...)
The player's ship can switch to different speeds at any time, allowing the player to move fast to avoid enemies and obstacles entirely, or slow down to weave between enemy bullets. An unusual addition for a shooter is the ability for the player's ship to take multiple hits before losing a life. A variety (more...)
Ultima VII: The Black Gate
You are the Avatar, returning to Britannia after 200 years of absence. Strange ritual murders are committed in the land while an organization known as The Fellowship is gathering a huge following. And there is this being known as The Guardian whose mockery follows you on your travels. Your old companions (more...)
A long time ago the kingdoms of wind, fire, earth and water competed for the Trialight, a weapon created by the Arch Mage Wylde that can only be used by a Firestriker. The kingdom of wind won and united the four kingdoms. Wylde however, was not satisfied with peace and conjured four monsters to overthrow (more...)
PTO II is a KOEI game that depicts the conflict between the USA and Japan during World War II. The player takes control of the Navy forces of both nation, and tries to outsmart each other. (more...)
Blazeon: The Bio-Cyborg Challenge
The dictatorship of the Imperial Earth Army has used Bio-Cyborg machines to keep things under control for too long. As member of the rebel forces, you jump into the cockpit of the Garland spaceship to battle the Bio-Cyborgs. The only problem is that the Garland is equipped with only one weapon, a Beam (more...)
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