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Tom and Jerry
Based on MGM's world-known cartoon, the player controls Jerry, the Mouse (in 2-Player Mode, P2 will control Jerry's nephew, Tuffy) as he explores four different worlds (movie theater, junkyard, a toy-based stage and the house inner). Game controls are simple: B Button makes Jerry/Tuffy to jump (tapping (more...)
Rock 'N Roll Racing
Developed by Silicon & Synapse (now known as Blizzard Entertainment), Rock 'n Roll Racing is an arcade combat racing game similar to R.C. Pro-Am for the original NES. Combat plays a heavy role in the game, as each car has a frontal weapon (i.e. a laser or missile) and a drop weapon (i.e. spikes (more...)
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball
Join one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball history... More for Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball. While the game does not come with the license of Major League Baseball or the MLBPA, there are still 26 similar teams with rosters resembling those of their actual MLB counterparts, including 1991 statistics. (more...)
Doomsday Warrior
The Doom Squad is a group of fighters under the control of an evil wizard. They threaten earth and bring destruction. One of the Doom Squad members betrays his group and becomes the Doomsday Warrior. This warrior must then defeat the other members of the Squad and finally the wizard controlling it all. (more...)
Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool
Chester leaves peacefully in a zoo with other animals, until the big brute Mean Eugene steals his beloved motor scooter. What's worse, without knowing how to handle the scooter, Mean Eugene broke it to pieces and threw them away. Now it's up to Cheetah to travel across the zoo and to retrieve parts of (more...)
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a action/fighting game in which you play Bruce Lee, the infamous martial arts master. As you go through the different levels, the game follows the format of the 1993 Universal movie of the same name, but is not identical to it. As Bruce Lee, you can perform a wide variety (more...)
Super Bases Loaded
The game is the fifth overall installment of the Bases Loaded series, and first installment of the secondary series for the Super Nintendo. The series spanned three generations of consoles and eight total installments. The original Bases Loaded title was a arcade game that Jalelco ported to the NES. (more...)
NBA Live '95
The first of the NBA Live titles on the PC, NBA Live 95 includes all of the basketball players from the '94 - '95 season as well as the All-Star teams from the East and West. Manage over 300 players using the General Manager feature, new in this edition. Statistics for each player and team are saved. (more...)
Thunder Spirits
There are 8 levels in Thunder Spirits, each consisting of the ship battling numerous enemies while side-scrolling, usually with a "mini-boss" about halfway through the level. Then, at the end of each level, a boss (consisting of one or two enemies) appears, which must be defeated before proceeding (more...)
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