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Doomsday Warrior
The Doom Squad is a group of fighters under the control of an evil wizard. They threaten earth and bring destruction. One of the Doom Squad members betrays his group and becomes the Doomsday Warrior. This warrior must then defeat the other members of the Squad and finally the wizard controlling it all. (more...)
Dungeon Master
An evil being known as Lord Chaos has taken up residence in your master's dungeon, and it's up to you to defeat him restoring peace to the castle. Through a confusing labyrinth filled with tempting treasures and menacing monsters, you'll have to stay focused if you're going to emerge triumphant in this (more...)
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
Try to become the best in the world with International Superstar Soccer Deluxe. All of the action of the original has been retained, however, there are a few key improvements. There are 36 teams to choose from and new player animations add even more realism. The defensive AI has been enhanced for more (more...)
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
The classic animated Disney movie BEAUTY AND THE BEAST makes its way to the Super Nintendo, providing fun for the entire family. An enchantress who wants to punish him for his selfishness turns an egotistical prince into a huge, hulking beast. On top of that, all of the prince's servants have been turned (more...)
TKO Super Championship Boxing
Louis. Marciano. Ali. Tyson. You. That's right, now you've got a chance to be considered one of the greatest fighters of all time with TKO SUPER CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING for the Super Nintendo. You'll have the chance to step into the ring against some of the toughest boxers you've ever seen as you try to (more...)
Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games
Play 5 different arcade games with Timon and Pumbaa: Hippo Hop - Help Timon travel across the river while collecting the grubs for Pumbaa's grill. Be sure to avoid the hyenas! Jungle Pinball - A zany pinball games with hyenas, elephants, gophers and more! Slingshooter - Shoot berries at various targets (more...)
Rise of the Robots
You are a cyborg handyman in the far away future sent to a huge megacorporation where an evil AI has taken control of the companies robots. You are charged with facing these robots in combat and eliminating them one by one to reach the core and deactivate the AI. Gameplay wise this is a standard beat-em-up (more...)
Super James Pond
His name is Pond, James Pond and he's just as suave and debonair as another super spy that goes by a similar name. Well, maybe not quite as suave and debonair, but pretty darn close considering he's a...well, whatever he is! In SUPER JAMES POND, Dr. Maybe second cousin once-removed of Dr. No continues (more...)
Lock On
A madman wants to destroy the United Nations. You take the role of Jake Steel, and try to stop him. You'll fly four different aircraft including the F14 Tomcat, A10 Warthog, British Tornado, and Japanese FSX. Maneuver your craft, and blow your enemies out of the sky. Keep an eye out for ground-based (more...)
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